Level 4– KBCSony Registration 2014 of Individual and Jodi


Level 4– KBCSony Registration 2014: The first round of KBC 8 Auditions will be conducted from the period commencing from June 4, 2014 through June 13, 2014 (“First Audition Period”). The timings for registration of Auditionees will be intimated, and cannot be changed or modified to suit Auditionee’s requirements.

The Auditionees will have to be present at the allotted Audition venue on the date and time allotted to such respective Auditionees alongwith the documents and photographs required (both in original and attested photocopy).

The doors to the room will shut at 9 AM or at such time as the Company may decide in its sole discretion. Late entrants may stand disqualified from the Audition process at the discretion of Company. Each Auditionee will be provided a unique registration number, which he/she must carry with him/her at all times while at the Audition. The Auditionees will have to sign the registration form alongwith release form, NDA and the Rules and Regulations in order to participate in the Auditions. Company’s authorized representatives will have the final right to refuse registration/eligibility at their sole discretion.

Subject to completion of formalities as prescribed by Company, the Auditionees will have to go through entrance test which comprises of two rounds viz. Written Test and Video Audition. If the Auditionees fail to complete both the Written Test and Video Audition then he/she shall be disqualified from further participation.

  • Written Test for the Individuals

  1. The Auditionees will be seated in a hall for the entrance test
  2. The doors to the room will shut at 9.00 AM or at such time as the Company may decide in its sole discretion. Auditionees arriving later than such time will not be eligible for participation in the Auditions.
  3. There will be a screen which will display a recording of Amitabh Bachchan asking ten (10) multiple-choice questions.
  4. The Auditionees will be given a certain fixed amount of time to fill out their answer options (A / B / C / D), on their answer sheet, before the next question is asked by Mr. Bachchan.
  5. In the event the answer sheet is lost, unreadable, incomplete or untraceable eg, the Auditionee’s name / number is not mentioned on it, such Auditionee may be disqualified
  6. Only the registered participant from the Registered Jodi shall be allowed to take the exam.
  • Video Audition

  1. Each of the Auditionees and Registered Jodi pair will have to undergo a personal interview
  2. The Video Auditions will be taped for future reference by the Company/Producer
  3. In the event of any unforeseen loss of recordings, Producers at its own discretion may request Auditionees to appear for a repeat Audition session
  4. The Producer and Company reserve the right to increase / decrease / alter the number of Auditionees at any audition centre.

All Auditionees shall maintain the decorum of the Audition venue and shall abide by the Rules & Regulations thereof. Further the instructions of the Company / Producers shall be adhered to strictly. Any Auditionee who acts in contravention to the instructions of the Company or the Producers or creates nuisance either to the Company or to any other person, shall immediately be disqualified from participating in the Audition and the Competition and shall be asked to leave the Audition venue.

The decision of the Company/Producers in connection with the Audition including but not limited to short listing the Auditionees will be final & binding and is non-contestable. In case of any dispute or difference in respect of this Audition, the decision of the Company shall be final and binding on all concerned.

The Company reserves the right to use some of the first (1st) round Auditionees as they deem fit for the second (2nd) or any subsequent rounds of Auditions. The dates for any subsequent rounds of Auditions will be subsequently informed to the relevant shortlisted Auditionees.