Level 5– KBC Sony Registration Individual & Jodi Special


Next Level 5 of KBC Sony Registration for Individual & Jodi Special Episode in Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 8 for year 2014 and here is the all details of it which required to read as per main official source. This is the helpful to the candidates who are selected from Idea Pass Registration, Jodi Special or Individual.

  •  Two member jury i.e. one representative each from Synergy and the Company will evaluate all the Auditionees on the basis of the answer sheets and the recorded footages of the Video Audition of the Auditionees. Shortlisted Auditionees from this evaluation round will be evaluated by the 2nd evaluation jury.
  • The 2nd evaluation shall be performed by a three member jury i.e. one representative each from Synergy, the Company and an independent member (“Judges”). The Judges will select the Participants on the basis of the answer sheets and the recorded footage’s of the Video Audition of the Auditionees. Two lists of Participants will be selected for the Fastest Finger First round, out of which one list of Participants will be used for replacement purposes.
  • In addition to this a “Back-up Participant(s)” will be selected to participate in the Show, in case any selected Participant does not appear for the shoot, for any reason
  • Also, 10 Auditionees will be shortlisted from Mumbai (again in descending order of performance evaluation) as “stand-bys” in order to replace any confirmed shortlisted Auditionee who is a “no-show” on the day of the shoot
  • The number of Participants to be selected per week for the Fastest Finger First Round are as under:
  1. 10 Participants for each week comprising of upto 4 (four) episodes per week
  • The number of Participants to be selected per week for the Fastest Finger First Round Jodi Special are as under:
  1. 10 Jodis for the 2 Jodi Special week comprising of Upto 4 (four) episodes each

In addition, there will be special/ celebrity episodes/ weeks for which shortlisting of contestants will be performed through an alternate process of registration/casting by Production House/Channel.

Based on Company’s requirement and creative discretion, the final selection of Contestants for Fastest Finger First of any Episodes/week of the Show will be made from among st the shortlisted pool of Auditionees.

  1. The representatives of the Producer (“Representatives”) will notify the selected Auditionees of their selection for the Fastest Finger First round and ask for confirmation of their details (name, gender, date of birth and address), after which the Representatives will inform the selected Auditionees of the shoot date and documentation requirements, based on finalized shooting schedules. The Participant is requested to carry a valid English/Hindi Identity proof and 3 passport size color photographs of the Participant(s) to the Studio for the shoot. In case of non-availability of Participant or of his/her supporting documentation, further participation will not be permitted.
  2. For the Shoot, the Company or the Producer may cluster the shortlisted Participants based on creative requirements of the Show. No questions / queries will be entertained based on the same. The Company reserves the right to alter or modify the cluster without providing any reasons / justifications for the same to any person or Contestant(s).
  3. Upon confirmation by the selected Auditionee of his/her availability for the Fastest Finger First round, he/she shall qualify for the said round.
  4. The Participant will be permitted to bring along one companion for the shoot of the Episode. The Participant(s) and his/her respective companion will travel at their own risk.
  5. The Producer shall be responsible for the travel (shortest route possible) and hotel stay arrangements of the Participant(s) and one companion who have confirmed attendance with the Producers. The travel and stay arrangements will be made as per the Producer’s discretion and any request in this regard by the Participants shall not be entertained. However, in case of Participant(s) residing in Mumbai the Company/Producer shall not be responsible for making any accommodation arrangements.
  6. The Participant(s) who have been selected for a particular week to play Fastest Finger First round shall be eligible to play for the days of that week. However, in case of any special episodes or in case of cancellation of a particular episode for that week, the Participant(s) will not be eligible to play for such days as decided by the Company or the Producer at their sole discretion.


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