KBC 2017 Registration 23 definitions to understand


Here are the KBC 2017 Registration definitions to understand (Terms & Conditions) which help to you before applying in Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 9.

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KBC 2017 Registration 23 definitions for Season 9

  1. Auditions“: implies the ground Auditions held at different urban areas on specific dates as educated to the chose Contestant(s).
  2. Auditionee(s)“: The Registrant(s) who is chosen for interest in the Auditions

  3. Back-up Participant(s)“: The Auditionee(s) chosen to partake in the Fastest Finger First round of the Competition, just on the off chance that any chose Participant(s) does not show up for the shoot at the Studio, for any reason.

  4. Company/SPN“: Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd and additionally its offshoots, the coordinators of the Competition.

  5. Competition“: General learning test titled “Kaun Banega Crorepati “KBC”).

  6. Contestant(s): The Registrant(s), Auditionee(s), Participant(s), Back-up Participant(s), Hot Seat Contestant(s) all things considered alluded to as “Contestant(s)”. Any Contestant who has made it once to the Hot Seat of the flow period of the Competition or any of the past periods of the Competition, he/she won’t be qualified to take an interest in the ebb and flow period of the Competition

  7. Celebrity special/s“: Any Episode/s of the Show extraordinarily recorded with Celebrity Hot Seat Contestant(s).

  8. Contributor“: Any individual other than the Contestant(s), who partakes, goes to, or potentially is available at any of the Auditions, Competition, the Studio, the Program, and additionally the Show.

  9. Episode“: A scene of the Program.

  10. Fastest-Finger First/FFF” implies that piece of the Program where an inquiry is asked to the chosen Participant(s), who thusly might answer the same. The main Participant to effectively answer the inquiry might be qualified for continuing to the Hot Seat as the Hot Seat Contestant.

  11. Hot Seat Contestant(s)” implies the triumphant Contestant(s) of the Fastest Finger First round and who involves the Hot Seat before the host of the Program to take part encourage in the Competition.

  12. Participant(s)” The Auditionee(s) who is chosen to take an interest in the Fastest Finger First round of the Competition.

  13. Phone A Friend Candidate(s)“: A companion of the Participant who is chosen by the Participant as telephone a companion life saver applicant. Telephone A Friend Candidate(s) should be over 18 years old as on June 17, 2017, and an Indian national dwelling in India.

  14. Producer“: implies the maker of the Program which is Big Synergy Media Ltd.

  15. Program“: The recordings of the Competition in the Studio (counting any occasional exceptional/s/Celebrity Special recording).

  16. Registrant(s)“: Any person(s) who takes an interest in the Competition and my identity over eighteen (18) years old as on June 17, 2017; (ii) is a subject of India living in India (iii) is of sound personality and wellbeing and (iv) enters the Competition as per the Rules and Regulations expressed beneath. Workers of SPN, of the Producer, of the promoting organization which has been designated now and again, and furthermore representatives of the patrons; and individuals from their close family; people other than Indian nationals, or Indian nationals living out of India, or the individuals who don’t qualify under the meaning of occupant of India according to the Income Tax Act, 1961 or those not familiar with communicated in Hindi, are ineligible to enter the Competition. 17. “Standards and Regulations”: These Rules and Regulations overseeing the Competition, expressed thus in total, as might be revised every once in a while.

  17. Rules and Regulations“: These Rules and Regulations overseeing the Competition, expressed thus in total, as might be revised every once in a while.

  18. Seasonal special/s“: Any Episode/s of the Show uniquely recorded to commend a particular time of year.

  19. Schedule“: An Episode or an arrangement of Episodes to be recorded or potentially recording dates as pre-dictated by the Company.

  20. Show“: Each Episode of the Program (counting any Seasonal unique/s or Celebrity uncommon/s Episode/s/) that is broadcast.

  21. Studio Part“: That piece of the Competition, which happens in the Studio regardless of whether part of the Show.

  22. Studio“: implies the Studio at “Film City, Goregaon (East), Mumbai” or some other studio as chosen by the Company/Producer where the shoot for the Competition/part of the Competition/promos of the Competition happens.

  23. Winner“: The Hot Seat Contestant(s) who effectively answers all inquiries postured by the Host in the Show.

I hope these all 23 definitions which used during KBC 2017 Season 9 for all participants and viewer. All related updates I will publish here. Have you checked out KBC Sony Season 9 Details, please check. If you have doubt or trouble to understand then please ask us here. Thanks.